Sex, Drugs, and Underground Comics

R. Crumb is considered the “Godfather of Underground Comics” to many but many more works came from the underground circuit, not by Crumb, and even more decadent and depraved than most other comic artists could imagine.

Mr Natural Is An Iconic Figure That Serves As The Face Of Undergound Comics To Many

But there has always been one character that stood out above the rest as being “strangely intriguing” with real wisdom mixed into the punchlines, offering a cynical view of society and the universe in general: Mr. Natural. The character is iconic to underground comic lovers and has even been used as a sort of “unofficial mascot” in various businesses, specifically, head shops.

Entire comics about drug use were published and sold secretly during the 60s and 70s

Diving deeper within the underground comic circuit reveals the strong drug culture that was well received in the underground comic community (no doubt the time period had a lot to do with it. The 60s and 70s being the height of recreational drug use in a socially acceptable setting) These comics pretty much spoke volumes to these people. And, there were volumes upon volumes of issues published.

Nudity And Sex In Underground Comics was quite common

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers were a prime example of the counter-culture movement that spawned such prolific drug use (specifically marijuana). 3 “brothers” (they are not actually related in the story) whose only purpose was the procurement and use of recreational drugs. Eventually, comics like the Freak Brothers spawned comic art that centered around sex and drugs.

Symbolic comic and pop art about drug use has been going strong since the early 60s

Nowadays, comics have lost the appeal they once had and nothing is as shocking as it used to be. Underground comics aren’t anymore underground now than mainstream comics that have equally (if not close to it) faded into obscurity, only holding interest with those who remember the “Golden Age of ComiXXX.”

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