The Sex Machine: How Virtual Reality Has Inspired Comix

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The most popular theme behind underground comics has always been counter-culture. Sex, Drugs, and anti-government protests in some shape or form has been the “message” that these comics have always sent.

It’s no wonder The Sex Machine by Derrick Richardson stands out among the crowd as breaking the popular comix modus operandi.

The story of The Sex Machine begins with Arnie Fletcher, a computer nerd with a penchant for virtual reality. Eventually Arnie creates Honey, a virtual sex vixen who exists in the virtual world that Arnie has created.

vr porn stroy bases adult comic

Honey is a buxom blonde that truly defines the term “virtual cyber-goddess” in which she is referred to in the story. Honey was meant to be the virtual woman of Arnie’s explicit dreams. She eventually becomes self-aware and at this point the story takes a detour and focuses on making Arnie more “alpha male-ish.”

The story poises two questions:

Will Arnie succeed in getting the real life girl he’s always been in love with?

What will Honey do when she finally escapes the virtual realm?

underground comic about sex in a virtual world

The Sex Machine is a fun read but in a time when virtual porn is becoming the “new porn” the story truly stands out as an indication of where mankind most like is heading when it comes to virtual adult entertainment.

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