Pink Parts: The Underground Webcomic About Strip Club Life

Bubbles, a main character in Pink PartsThe underground webcomic Pink Parts has been making waves online as the only original online webcomic that accurately depicts what strip clubs are like behind the scenes as well as a close look as the people that work in them.

The comic’s centerpiece is a strip club named “Pink Parts” and all of the wild stories that happen from inside it’s walls.

Although the comic has an erotic element too it (it takes place in a strip club , after all), the stories themselves are smart and crafted cleverly with plot twists and climaxes. For example, in one episode a stripper is nervous that she might be out of work soon because of the rise of “Virtual Strippers” that actually exist in the real world. In other words, there are tits and ass but that’s not all it is.

The creator of the strip, Skipper, has a degree in computer science and a love for contact sports.

“I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, but Pink Parts is my first major project. I live on coffee, love music and roller derby, and miss being a stripper!” -Skipper

One of the big questions asked when they have a chance to talk to Skipper is “Is Pink Parts a real club?”

Skipper’s answer to that question:

“No, but it’s based off of a combination of a few real ones. A lot of my inspiration was seen first-hand, and the rest is a mishmash of stories I’ve heard from other people, all of whom worked in strip clubs.”

To answer the second most popular question, yes, Skipper was a stripper.

Although none of the characters are real people in real life, there are certain characteristics Skipper has borrowed from the people she met during her time working as a stripper.

If you like strip clubs and comics please do give Pink Parts a read.

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