Selling Your Comix In An Online Auction? Try SEO


Underground comics (or Comix) are huge. Just ask Hollywood superstar Leonardo Dicaprio. His father use to sell them as an underground comic distributor as he explains in his new movie Before the Flood.

Collectible comic dealers have utilized the Internet since the beginning. The Internet has always been useful as a tool to locate the obscure and hard to find. A tool that goes far in a world where “obscure” and “hard to find” equals big bucks from comic book investing.

As an SEO Rochester NY based internet marketing consultant, the best advice I can give any underground comic dealer is to create their own website. It’s not that Ebay or Craigslist won’t do the job, it’s that you are leaving a very powerful traffic stream on the table when you ignore SEO on a website with a centralized theme. That traffic stream is organic traffic from Google.

The best part is the more obscure and rare content is, the better chance you have to rank in Google. Google has plenty of pages in their index about selling diet supplements and iPhones. If you are looking to sell these two things online then you will find pages filled with this kind of content jammed pack in the organic section.

A simply content management system like WordPress or Drupal and proper SEO will take your site far if your content is already based around hard to find stuff. Simple, huh? Anybody serious about selling their underground comic collection should consider setting up their own properly search engine optimized website. Furthermore, anyone serious about search engine optimizing said site should consult with a professional.

A great place to start to see if anyone is even looking for what you have in your collection is Google Trends. Just look at the search trend history below for R Crumb Comics:


Based on the search activity in the above picture, R Crumb Comics are a hot commodity with the ability to search in popularity. This is the kind of data a marketer could find useful. There is an organic traffic source here. Those with well optimized webpages for that term are sure to benefit from this traffic if they are selling R Crumb comics.

The Internet has given everyone the entrepreneurial edge they need to go into business for themselves. Google wholeheartedly embraces that. Start SEO’ing your own web property today to become part of a great source of traffic tomorrow.

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Nick Fiorini is an SEO consultant who lives in Rochester, NY.

His clientele has ranged from individuals with e-commerce sites

to multi-million dollar adult entertainment companies.


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