Comic Coloring 101: Monitor Calibration

Professional comic book projects can become more strenuous than they actually are if colors are not matching with what comes back from the printing company. At this point, it may be wise to invest in a monitor calibration device. The prices range $200-$500+. Professional work with outside companies and publishers may call for this kind of precision that can only be achieved from calibrating monitors for proper comic book colors a montior calibration device.

Again, proper calibration is a must in the world of professional comic book coloring.

The Datacolor Spyder is a popular monitor calibrator. With this device a colorer can be much more confident that what he or she sees on screen will be much closer to how it reproduces when printed.

The entire process of properly calibrating a monitor so that the right colors show when printed can take less than 10 minutes with most monitor calibrators.
To put into perspective how important calibration is, Marvel Comics’ spec sheet says editor monitors get calibrated weekly.

To currently see what is available today in monitor calibration technology click here. Also, Practical Instruments, a calibration company comprised of former Altek (now defunct) engineers, has been kind enough to supply free information on calibration in general and why calibrating equipment of all kind is crucial to any industry regardless of the type. Most of the information on the above forementioned site has come directly from the PIE engineers themselves.

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