Comic Book Investing: ROI From The Underground

NICE Comic Convention in the UK provides a nice outlet for would be collectors, sellers, and all kinds of fans. It is also a symbol of how long comic book collectors have outlive many other collectors’ markets.

Sports memorabilia has be decimated by a saturated market flooded with copy after copy of items that lose any unique or rarity (if they had any to start) at a rapid rate. Comic books are still something people will look at as a “real investment” rather than a collectible investment that might just be a roll of the dice.

Tim Beyers from cites the following as guidelines for noob investors:

Invest in proven titles – If the comic is one that has already gained attention for its value, chances are, it’ll remain that way for you.

Rarity beats heat – The harder it is to find, the more likely it is you’ll be able to sell it for a stellar price.

Avoid autographs – As the medium grows, determining the authenticity of autographs is too difficult to increase value.

Buy first appearances – Comics featuring first appearances of characters who later show up in TV or movies usually remain in demand.

Auction snapshot of underground comic values

Something that many comic book investors overlook is the underground comix market which contains many investment opportunities . Right now there is a copy of MotorCity Comics Number 2 going for almost $1400 on ebay. A few spots below that is Mr. Natural number 1 for $1200. It’s clear that Underground Comix are worth a few bucks and can be flipped to make money. The character notoriety is something that pales in the comparison to the mainstream market. Spiderman, Superman, Batman. These are names synonymous with the phrase “comic book character.”

MotorCity Comics Number 2 is going for close to 1400 dollars on ebay

R. Crumb’s work is plentiful when comics are valued from an investment perspective. The same “blue chip stock” mentality applied to comic investing can be applied to underground comix with slightly better chances in some cases. Namely, the lack of knowledge about the subject. Stepping away from the mainstream limelight and into the underground comix scene is something any serious comic book investor would do after they get more familiar with comic book investing in general.

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