The Art of The Print: How Comix Are Printed

Underground Comic Printing Has A Long History

How Are Comix Binded?

Saddle-Stitch binding method is used for publications that don’t have many pages attached to them. The process involves using traditional wire staples attached to sheets of paper that are folded. Saddle-stitched books are constructed from folded sheets which are held together by wire staples. This is one of the relatively simpler processes for binding a comic book.
However, a graphic novel (comics with several pages, many times it’s multiple volumes combined into one book). what is known as the “Perfect Binding” method is used for comix of this nature.
Perfect bound books’ cover and pages are glued at the spine with a commercial grade glue. Perfect binding makes it possible to print on the book’s spine.

What Is The Printing Size For Comix?

The standard width and height for a Comic Book is 6-5/8 inches wide by 10-1/4 inches high. There are some variations with this depending on where in the world a comic is printed. A good printing company will take cost into consideration and offer to print in a dimension that might be more economically viable.

How Many Pages?

Every sheet within the book represents two pages. Even if a sheet in the book is blank on one side, or is blank on both sides, the printer will count it as two pages. If a comic has 150 pages the printer will see it as 300 pages.

The Page Printing Process For Underground Comics Is Quite Impressive


Although black ink may be the more economical choice, most comix are created with colored pages. The aestetics of this are more pleasing to your average comic reader. For effect, some comix will feature bot color and black and white pages.

From a cost perspective, color printing is more expensive.

What Kind Of Paper Is Used For Comix?

There are three aspects to paper: thickness, texture and sheen level. For example, a book made with a heavier, lustrous cover provides a higher image of quality than a thinner, duller cover.

Also, there are a variety of paper coatings available to . A clear coating, such as a gloss UV or laminate applied to the cover of your graphic novel can enhance the look and durability of your book. Gloss UV and lamination not only increase the durability but also enhance the vibrancy of the ink colors, creating a more “quality” look to pages within a comic book.

* special thanks to Phoenix Graphics in Rochester NY, a printing company that specializes in offset printing, for providing the above information.

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