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Here you can find a visual depiction of every underground comic (first print) in existence. Hit the back button on your browser to return after viewing an image. Check back often as the database is updated regularly with new comix.

All Underground Comics Listed Alphabetically

  2 Live Crew  
  3-D Bizarre Zone  
  3-Dementia Comics  
  50s Funnies Blast From The Past  
  Aardvark (Cerebus)  
  Abortion Eve  
  Ace of Spades  
  Adult Moonchild Comics  
  Adventures of Luther Arkwright, The [part one]  
  Adventures of Nilson Groundthumper and Hermy, The, no.01  
  Adventures of Those Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers  
  Adventures of Crystal Night, The  
  Adventures on the Fringe  
  Aesop’s Fables  
  After Shock Bulletins from Ground Zero  
  Air Pirates Funnies  
  Alien Fire  
  Alien Worlds  
  Alien Worlds (alternative cover)  
  All American Comicks : Gung Ho  
  All Canadian Beaver Comics  
  All Girl Thrills  
  All In Color For A Dime  
  All Kines Comics  
  All-Atomic Comics  
  All-Night Comics, no.01 : The Fourth of July Massacre  
  Alter Ego  
  Amazing Adult Fantasies  
  Amazing Cynicalman, The  
  Amazing Dope Tales : LSD  
  Amazon comics  
  Amazon Warriors Savage Jungle Beauty, no.01  
  American Flagg!, vol.01, no.01  
  American Flyer Funnies  
  Amy Papuda  
  Anarchy Comics  
  Angelfood McSpade (Newspaper Page)  
  Animal Revolt  
  Anomaly: Adults Only  
  Ant Boy!  
  Anubis: Dark Desire  
  Anything Goes! Featuring Cerebus  
  Arcade, The Comics Revue  
  Archie: Definately Not Approved (Good, Clean All-American Sex) [mini]  
  Armadillo Comics, no.02  
  Armageddon 1  
  Armageddon 2  
  Army of Principles, An : The History and Philosophy of the American Revolution  
  Army Surplus Komiks Featuring Cutey Bunny, no.01  
  Artistic Comics  
  Avenging World  
  Badtime Stories  
  Baegles : Looney Hearts Club, The, no.01  
  Bakersfield Kountry Komics  
  Balloon Vendor, The  
  Barbarian Comics: Sun and Steel  
  Barbarian Women Comics  
  Barefootz funnies #1  
  Beyond Time and Again  
  Bicentennial Gross-Outs  
  Big Ass Comics  
  Big League Laffs  
  Bijou Funnies, no.01  
  Billy Nguyen Private Eye  
  Birdland, no.01  
  Bizarre Sex, no.01  
  Black Kiss, no.01  
  Black Laughter  
  Blanche Goes to New York  
  Blonde, The  
  Bob’s Favorite Comics  
  Bogeyman Comics, no.01 : Horror in the Blood Vein  
  Book of Night, The  
  Brain Fantasy, no.01  
  Brain Fantasy, no.02  
  Brickman Begins, The  
  Brickman Returns, The  
  Bullet Crow-Fowl of Fortune, no.01  
  Bunches Powerpak Comics, The, no.02  
  California Comics  
  Cannibal Romance : It Came from the ID  
  Cap’n Quick & a Foozle  
  Captain George Presents  
  Captain George’s Comic World  
  Cascade Comix Monthly  
  Charles Bukowski: A Couple of Winos  
  Checkered Demon 2, The  
  Cheech Wizard  
  Chicago Conspiracy Trial, The : Official Pogrom  
  Class War Comix, no.01  
  Cloud Comics presents : All Duck  
  Clowns : Yahoo-Pro  
  Cocaine Comix, no.01  
  Cody Starbuck  
  Trashman, The, no.01  
  Collective Unconscience of Odd Bodkins, The  
  Comic Crusader, The  
  Comic Reader, The  
  Commies From Mars  
  Compost Comics  
  Conspiracy Capers  
  Consumer Comix  
  Coochy Cooty, no.01  
  Corn Fed Comics, no.02  
  Corporate Crime Comics  
  Critters, no.50  
  Crucial Fiction, no.01  
  Cuba For Beginners  
  Curse of the Molemen  
  Cyber 7 Book Two: ROCKLAND  
  Homeschool Allstars  
  Horny Biker Slut Comics  
  NOW! Comix  
  D.O.A. Comics, no.01  
  Dan O’Neill’s Comics & Stories  
  Dark Horse Presents: Witchfinder  
  Deadbone, Vaughn Bode’s  
  Erotica, Vaughn Bode’s  
  Deadline USA  
  Death Rattle  
  Deep 3D Comics, no.01 [w/ 3D glasses inside front cover]  
  Demented Pervert  
  Denizens of Deep City, no.01  
  Destroyer Duck  
  Dinosaur Bop  
  Dirty Laundry, Aline and Bob’s  
  Distant Soil, A  
  Ditko’s World: Static  
  Doc Weird’s Thrill Book  
  Domino Lady by Eros Comics  
  Dope Comix  
  Dopin’ Dan  
  Dr. Atomic  
  Dr. Wirtham’s Comix & Stories, no.02  
  Drool: A Humor Magazine  
  Dutch Treat  
  Eating Raoul  
  Echo of Futurepast  
  Eclipse Monthly  
  Elsewhere Prince, The  
  Erotic Worlds of Frank Thorne, The, no.01  
  Eternal Comics  
  Eternal Tales  
  Exploits of the Junior Carrot Patrol, The, no.01  
  Fandom Confidential  
  Fat Dog Mendoza, no.01  
  Fat Freddy’s Cat, The Adventures of  
  Fat Lip Funnies  
  Feds ‘N’ Heads Comics  
  Feel Good Funnies, no.02  
  Fever Dreams, no.01  
  Fire Sale  
  Firkin, no.01  
  First Kingdom, The  
  Flamed Out Funnies  
  Fog City Comics, no.01  
  Forbidden Knowledge Comics  
  Frank the Unicorn, no.01  
  French Ticklers, no.01  
  Fresca Zizis  
  Fried Brains [mini]  
  Fuktup Funnies, vol.01, no.01  
  Funny Aminals, no.01  
  Funny Book, The New  
  Gay Comix  
  Get Lost  
  Ghost Mother Comics  
  Girl Fight Comics, no.02  
  Give Me Liberty  
  God Nose Snot Reel  
  God’s Hammer  
  Good Jive Comics #1  
  Good Jive Comix #2  
  Googiewaumer Comics  
  Gory Stories Quarterly  
  Gothic Blimp Works  
  Graphic Showcase  
  Graphic Story Magazine  
  Greaser Comics, no.01  
  Griffith Observatory  
  Guano Comix  
  Gumby’s Summer Fun Special, no.01  
  Gumby’s Winter Fun Special, no.01  
  Gyrobotics, no.01  
  Happy Endings Comics  
  Hard Times  
  Harlan Ellison’s Chocolate Alphabet  
  Harold Hedd, The Collected Adventures  
  Hear The Sound of My Feet Walking… Drown the Sound of My Voice Talking..  
  Heavy Tragi-Comics  
  High-Flyin’ Funnies Comix and Stories  
  Hitweek Heet Nu Aloha!  
  Home Grown Funnies  
  Honky Tonk  
  Hot Stuf’  
  Hungry Chuck Biscuits  
  Hydrogen Bomb and Biochemical Warfare Funnies  
  Purple Cat  
  I Love Poop  
  Icon Devil  
  Image of the Beast, The  
  Inner City Romance Comics  
  Insect Fear  
  Inside Comics  
  It Aint Me Babe  
  It’s A Dog’s Life  
  Itchy Planet  
  Itchy Planet #2  
  Jaxon’s Illustrated Tales  
  Joel Beck’s Comics  
  Kelvin Mace  
  King Bee  
  Kingdom of Heaven is Within You Comix, The, no.01  
  Kings in Disguise  
  Knuckles The Malevolent Nun  
  Kurtz Komix  
  L. A. Comics  
  Laugh In The Dark  
  Lean Years  
  Lee Marrs’ : The Further Fattening Adventures of Pudge, Girl Blimp  
  Left Field Funnies  
  Life and Loves of Cleopatra, The  
  Like Nobody’s Bizness Funnies  
  Little Green Dinosaur  
  Little Green Dinosaur #2  
  Lonely Nights Comics  
  Love and Rockets  
  Lust of the Nazi Weasel Women  
  Mad Peck, The  
  Madman, no.01  
  Mah Fellow Americans [first printing]  
  Man From Utopia [Special Blackjack Issue]  
  Man in Black, The, no.01  
  Mangie Tangie Tales, vol.01, no.01  
  Manhunt, no.02  
  Marvelmania Monthly Magazine, no.04  
  Master of the Macabre, vol.01, no.01  
  Maxor, no.21  
  Me and Her, no.01  
  Mean Bitch Thrills  
  Mediascene, no.15  
  Mediascene, no.17 [marked 17, but different publication with different date]  
  Mediascene, no.19  
  Meef Comix  
  Meef Comix [two copies]  
  Memories, no.01  
  Men [Wimmen�s Comix, no.16]  
  Mendocina County Comix  
  Merry Christmans from Santa Clays and Those Perfectly Permeable Peters  
  Merton of the Moment  
  Mickey Rat, no.01  
  Middle Class Fantasies  
  Middle Class Fantasies, no.02  
  Mindwarp: An Anthology  
  Miniatures [series of unbound drawings in envelope]  
  Miracleman, no.12  
  Mister X, no.02  
  Mister X, vol.01, no.01  
  Mister X, vol.02, no.01  
  Modern Papier, no.06  
  Mom’s Homemade Comics, no.01 [marked “49 cents” without “Printed in California” inside front cover  
  Mom’s Homemade Comics, no.01 [two copies]  
  Mom’s Homemade Comics, no.03  
  Mom’s Homemade Comics, vol.01, no.02 [three copies]  
  Mondo Snarfo  
  Moon Comix, no.02  
  Moonchild Comics, no.02  
  Moondog [three copies]  
  Morty the Dog, no.01  
  Moscoso Comix, no.01  
  Mother Gross  
  Mother’s Oats Comix – 1st Edition [two copies]  
  Mother’s Oats Comix [two copies]  
  Mother’s Oats Comix, no.02 [two copies]  
  Mother’s Oats Comix, no.03  
  Motherless Child, no.02  
  Motor City Comics [two copies]  
  Motor City Comics, no.02 [two copies]  
  Mr. A.  
  Mr. A., no.02  
  Mr. Natural  
  Mr. Natural, no.02  
  Ms Mystic, vol.01, no.01  
  Ms. : Wonder Woman for President  
  Ms. Tree, no.41 : Coming of Rage  
  Mu: The Land That Never Was , Airships of Atlantis discover…  
  Murder, no.10  
  Mutants of the Metropolis  
  Mutt and Jeff : Collector’s Issue  
  Mutt and Jeff : Collector�s Issue  
  My Big Banana  
  Myron Moose Funnies, no.01  
  Myron Moose, no.01  
  Nard n’ Pat , no.01 [by Jayzey Lynch]  
  National Lamprune  
  Nature of the Beast, vol.01, no.01  
  Near Myths  
  Nemesis the Warlock, vol.01, no.01  
  Nervous Rex, no.09  
  Net Profit  
  New Adventures of Jesus, The  
  New Age Comics, no.01  
  New Captain George’s Whizzbang, The  
  New Color Nexus, The, vol.02, no.01  
  New Funny Book, The, no.02  
  New Gravity Einstein Monster, The , no.01-04  
  New Legends  
  New Paltz Comix, no.01  
  New Paltz Comix, no.03 [Iron Soul Series]  
  New Two Fisted Tales, The  
  New York Herald Comic Section, The  
  Nickel Library, The, no.01 : The Eerie Tale of the Mind Monster  
  Noreascon, 29th World Science Fiction Convention [achievement awards ballot]  
  Normal Man, vol.01, no.11  
  Nostalgia Books [Includes Spring Listing of books available]  
  Nostalgia Press Book Service  
  Nostalgic Books [catalog]  
  O.K. Comics, no.01  
  Oat Willie, vol.01, no.01 [The Adventures of…]: The Most Thoughtful Guy In The World  
  Occult Laff Parade, no.01  
  Off the Cuff Comix  
  OM Home Made Comix, no.10 [English Edition]  
  One Page Flyer : Disney knock off [two copies in color]  
  Order Form [single sheet]  
  Original Black Cat, The  
  Original Dick Tracy, The , no.01  
  Orion, no.01  
  Owlhoots, no.01  
  OZ Squad, no.01  
  Pagfeek Papers, The, vol.01, no.01  
  Pandora’s Box, no.01  
  Paradise An Interplanetary Fantasy  
  Penny Dreadful [Captain George�s…], no.96  
  Penny Dreadful [Captain George�s…], no.97  
  People Are Phony  
  People’s Comics, The  
  Phobias, no.01  
  Photography : �A” on cover [mini]  
  Photography [mini]  
  Pineapple Army  
  PJ Warlock, no.01  
  Plastron Cafe, no.03  
  Playgrounds, no.01  
  Plunge into the depths of Despair  
  Polly and her Pals, no.01  
  Popeye Special, no.01  
  Popeye Special, no.02  
  Pork [mini]  
  Portfolio of Illustrations by Dennis Smith : An Appreciation by Harlan Ellison  
  Possibleman, no.01  
  Poster : Buck Rogers [large, double sided]  
  Poster : City Lights Poets Theater Bukowski reads Bukowski Poetry and Prose  
  Power Comics  
  Print: America’s Graphic Design Magazine  
  Privateers, The, vol.01, no.01  
  Projunior, no.01  
  Promethean Comic [title unreadable] , no.05  
  Promethean Enterprises : @#*!!!… Make Way  
  Promethean Enterprises : The Magic Circus Brings You… The Who  
  Promethean Enterprises [title unreadable]  
  Psychotic Adventures, no.01  
  Pterano Man, no.01  
  Pulp Comics, no.01  
  Pulp Comics, no.02  
  Puppy Action, no.01  
  Pure Images, no.02  
  Pure Images, vol.03, no.01  
  Pure Joy, no.01  
  Purgatory USA, no.01  
  Purple Cat, no.01  
  Purple Warp  

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